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By Slots Guy on April 27th, 2013

At times, playing online casino games such as free slots with bonus rounds, has seemed like a possibility in the United States. Many legislators and important folks in Congress have fought against the anti-gambling laws that have affected the online casino industry so much, but many times there have been real predicaments when trying to come to a fair stance with the general public and other lawmakers. This time around, the State Co-Chair Pat Neal, former State Senator and former Chair of the Board of the Christian Coalition of Florida has let the public know that republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has now been added to those who are against online gambling.

In a recent interview, when Romney was asked if he is a supporter of legalizing online casinos and online gambling in general, he quickly responded, “No, no I’m not. Gaming has a social effect on a lot of people. I don’t want to increase access to gaming. I feel that we have plenty of access to gaming right now through the various casinos and establishments that exist.” However, many are wondering about Donald Trumps recent endorsement of Romney and his statement that legalized online gambling is a must in the near future.

However, not all is lost in politics this year as another candidate, Ron Paul, has said in more than one ocassion that, “online gambling should be legalized as it’s not the government’s place to tell Americans how to live their lives or spend their money.” Congressman Paul was also co-sponsor of Barney Frank’s bill to amend the UIGEA to allow for online gambling in the United States. It would be great if the Pennsylvania native Governor is still up to “rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation”.

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